Another night, another debate. But this time McCain went for a new strategy: Have undecided voters laugh AT you, not WITH you. He also gave "mocking women's issues" a try, insinuating that women's "health" "concerns" aren't "really" "REAL."

After another great debate performance, Barack Obama dips his toe into the Republican states. (Might want to wrap that toe in a bullet proof vest just to be safe.)

By the way, "Joe the Plumber" is a goddamn crybaby. (And BTW? He's not even licensed to be a plumber. Ooooh! "Plumber-gate!")

As we reported last night, Portland's own (and former Mercury designer) Leanne Marshall won Project Runway! (Congrats, Leanne! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!) Sorry, but it's not a spoiler when the AP is reporting it.

Mixed reviews for the new "Google Phone." So relax iPhone users!

Stocks slide once again amidst another wild week of trading... but you already suspected that didn't you? What you may not have known is that on the day of the crash, membership for the online anonymous gay sex site MANHUNT reached a record high.

In what is surely a horrible sign for magazines everywhere, TV Guide is sold... for ONE DOLLAR. (I'm not kidding.)