A while ago a friend and I found The Waterworld Extended Edition Petition, which we mocked relentlessly, for reasons that should soon be obvious:

This site is dedicated to one goal! And that goal is to have the extended (three hour) version of WARTERWORLD be released on dvd! It is a freaking shame that this TRUE version of the film is not able to be purchased and place in are own personal film libary! WATERWORLD is a great film! I mean it is a freakin AWESOME FILM! with some of the best ACTION/STUNTS/VISUALS/MUSIC i have seen to date. This is THE film that got down right bashed by everyone when it was being made and when it came out!

Well to MOST peoples shock this was in reality a GREAT FILM. Over the years this movie has come a huge cult hit, and i dare say in a few more years this will be considered a classic! ...Now when i watched waterworld on abc for the first time in 1998 i was shocked to see that it had close to an hour of new footage! And this footage made this good/fun/action/adventure into something so much more. This extended version of waterworld that has been playing on tv for the past few years (Ive seen it on abc, usa network, sci fi channel, starz, encore) Is outstanding! and i will never again watch the theactrical release. For this delves deeper into the world that is WATERWORLD!

Oh, how we laughed. We laughed! "This Waterworld Extended Petition Edition shall never succeed," we laughed! We laughed and laughed and laughed.

A review copy of this just showed up in my mailbox. "First time on DVD!" the cover proclaims. "Extended cut with over 40 minutes of extra footage." "How is there any demand for that?" Marjorie Skinner asked.

I am going to watch it as part of a double feature with this.