"I saw myself getting underestimated, or people thinking 'Gosh, she's from Portland... ' especially maybe the New York and LA designers. Little do they know that there are all these great designers in Portland." --Leanne Marshall, an excerpt from this morning's phone interview with the Mercury

Look for the full interview I did with Project Runway WINNER Leanne Marshall in the next issue of the paper, but for now it's wrap-up time! Last night's episode was part 2 of the finale, and it started out three days before the contestants showed their looks at Bryant Park. They each had to edit down their collections to 10 looks, and consult with the hair and makeup people with what they wanted (note to Kenley: "porcelain doll" is the opposite of "fresh"). Speaking of Kenley, her big lip was present as always, and she jumped down Tim Gunn's throat when he brought up her tendency to subconsciously knock off other designers. Then when it was announced that scheduled guest judge Jennifer Lopez was out with a foot injury, only to be replaced with Gunn, it finally dawned on her that maaaayybe she should have dialed it back a bit. She was the first one auf'd. At the bitter end, the judges asked all three of them why they deserved to win, and both Kenley and Korto blubbered their way through their responses and Leanne--who has cried so much over this show, gave a confident, dry-eyed explanation. And she clinched it. I only wish that the judges had been more in depth in their explanations. They didn't really compare Leanne's to Korto's or articulate why Leanne's was the best. I guess it was just that obvious. Look how cute:

more cuteness:

eh, not as cute: