The Bourne Trilogy--a new box set that includes all three Jason Bourne movies, in which Matt Damon has "explosive, action-packed adventures"--officially comes out on DVD on November 4. I just received a copy of it in the mail, but since I already own all three movies--I like films where cars drive fast and people shoot other people and things explode, you see--this set is up for grabs. (No, no, it's nothing, really--no need to thank me. Here at Blogtown, we like to take care of our readers, and we love to brighten the days of creepily obsessive Matt Damon fans the world over.)

Here's how you can win these DVDs: Send me an email in the next 24 hours. Make sure the subject line is "Bourne again." I'll pick a winner at "random"* this time tomorrow. That's it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some reading to do.

*Flattery helps.