Busy weekend. Here's a couple of highlights.

SATURDAY: Allegra Fuller Snyder lecture, Ellyn Bye Studio at the Armory, 128 NW 11th, 2 pm, FREE

Portland Center Stage has an intriguing lecture series planned hinging on the ideas of R. Buckminster Fuller, AKA "Bucky," in conjunction with their new show R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE. Bucky was an early advocate for sustainability, believing that the planet's extracted resources to date combined with man's technological capabilities were such that no one need compete for resources, and he devoted his life to "applying the principles of science to solving the problems of humanity." (He invented both the geodesic dome and the term "Spaceship Earth.") And, further indication that Bucky was ahead of his time, doesn't this foreshadow the current social postulate that the unblogged life isn't worth living? From Wikipedia:

Fuller documented his life every 15 minutes from 1915 to 1983, leaving 80 meters (270 ft) of journals. He called this the Dymaxion Chronofile. That is said to be the most documented human life in history.

The first lecture in the series is from Bucky's daughter Allegra Fuller Snyder, a professor of dance at UCLA, talking about her father's work; future events'll feature Metro's David Bragden, robotics engineer (!!) Daniel H. Wilson, and more.

SUNDAY: Cloud Eye Control, Under Polaris, Left Bank, 240 N Broadway, 2:30 pm & 6:30 pm all ages, 8:30 pm 21+, $8-10

Experimental animation/performance art troupe Cloud Eye Control's performance at the Works during TBA 07 was one of the highlights of what was admittedly a rather limp year of Works programming. The troupe, composed of Miwa Matreyek, Chi-wang Yang, and Anna Oxygen, paired high-concept animations with live action and music for their cleverly interactive pieces: A spaceship blasted Anna Oxygen through the universe, or in one memorably creepy scene, a live woman is operated on by animated doctors to remove the diamond that's become lodged inside of her. Here's the press release on Sunday's show:

Join Cloud Eye Control for the debut of our newly commissioned multimedia experience, Under Polaris, the story of a journey into an Arctic wonderland. A woman embarks upon an incredible mission to preserve the finer elements of humanity in Arctic ice. Along the way, she disguises herself as animals to help her survive the elements-and in the process, learns about the delicate interdependence between humans and nature.

The show opens with an opening set by Janet Pants, a pioneer in bringing the dance world to the underground scene. Pants creates a unique DIY-formal hybrid described as "punk rock in dance form."

Also this weekend: 24-Hour Comics Day, this time a casual li'l competition between teams from PNCA and Cosmic Monkey to see who can make the most pages (c'mon nerds, show those art students what's what), beginning at 10 am on Saturday at both locations. And until 5 pm today at PNCA's loading doc, mobile printmaking studio Drive By Press will be demonstrating printmaking techniques.