WOW! What an amazing array of talent we saw at last night's fifth anniversary of PIZZAZZ! (Portland's funnest talent show!) There was music, bellydancing, Romanian shenanigans, booty rapping, beatboxing, comedy, and burlesque-y striptease (and even a special guest appearance from Sarah Palin)! First of all, a big thanks to all our contestants who worked so hard to bring our sold-out audience the most entertaining show of the year. It takes a ton of guts to put your stuff out there, and in my opinion, you guys provided the toughest competition yet! Secondly thanks to our judges, who was scoring last night's competition on both talent AND creativity, and really had their work cut out for them.
But there can be only three winners of Pizzazz, and here they are:

THIRD PLACE: The amazing hoop manipulations of Dustin Hubel!
SECOND PLACE: The 11-year-old wunderkind Tony Green, who knows every single TriMet bus route by heart!
AND THE PIZZAZZ $1000 GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The brain-melting music from the kids of SCHOOL OF ROCK, who completely blew away the audience with an incredible performance!


And thanks to our Pizzazz staff who made this edition one of the funnest ever!

No worries! Check out Blogtown in the coming week to see video highlights of this year's Pizzazz competition! (You may now begin arguing in the comments below about who you think should have been the top three finishers. Be marginally nice, please!)

Humpy, house band "Pizzazzterpiece Theater" and that girl in the skimpy gold tuxedo.