My ballot arrived in the mail yesterday. But as eager as I am to fill it out, I'm going to hold out until Thursday.

That night at Backspace, the Mercury and the Bus Project's monthly Brewhaha is a good old-fashioned ballot party. You'll have a chance to mingle with other voters and compare notes on how you're voting. If you're undecided, ask fellow voters for advice. We've also invited a slew of candidates, so you can ask them yourself why they deserve your vote. Finally, if you're one of the masses who disagree with our endorsement of M60, you can show up to yell at us in person (and/or convince other people to ignore our recommendation). There's no formal program--just remember to bring your ballot!

And, of course, we'll be drinking. It all goes down at 7 pm! Backspace is at 115 NW 5th. See you there, and bring your friends!