While out on a photo-walk yesterday, I was in the Belmont neighborhood and spotted something familiar...


I thought, "Hey, I've seen those people in that painting before." I shuffled through the catalog of images stored in my brain and quickly pulled up a match!


That's the girls from Stumptown that were used on the cover of the Portland Mercury Sex issue from March 6th 2008!


This painting is by Anthony Conrad (pictured above) is part of the first show at the brand new Gallery Zero. [<-- WARNING - Clicking this link may cause you to throw up a bit in your mouth.]

Gallery Zero peeps, call me when you want to discuss web presentation!

I put the warning there for two reasons. One, for the... gag... web site "design"... and two, for the... gagging... the overuse of the slogan, the "Purveyors of Koool Art" ...GAGGED all over myself. Apparently Gallery Zero is the Menthol of Portland art... gag... galleries!

Not to discourage the growing art scene here, the new gallery has a smattering of really great artists. In addition to Anthony Conrad's work, their current show also features the likes of Gris Grimly, and Ragnar. The space is a great size for a gallery, and I could see a lot of room for potential, but I just could not get over the blood red interior on which the art was placed. I wanted to get a tattoo there more than I wanted to buy art.