There is a fair amount of controversy in the Mercury office as to whether Frightened Rabbit is a good name for a band, or a very bad one. Similarly, the title of their brand new live album Liver! Lung! FR! could go either way. (For the record, I like both the band name and the album name.) There's no debate, however, about the fact that Frightened Rabbit is AWESOME, one of the very best bands around these days. The Scottish lads' second album, The Midnight Organ Fight (another good album title, think about it for a second) is already one of the year's best, and this new release translates almost all of Midnight Organ Fight into an acoustic setting in front of a live audience in Glasgow. (Oddly, the Fatcat Records page gives the name of the new album, being released today, as Quietly Now!, but makes up for any confusion by allowing you to stream the whole thing.)

Here's perhaps the most devastating tune on the album, a song so gloomy it'll make you feel like drowning your sorrows in a not-so-wee dram. Well, no one said the Scottish were jolly (see also: bagpipes, haggis, Trainspotting). If you haven't heard Frightened Rabbit, this live cut may not be the place to start (check out the aforementioned Midnight Organ Fight, or their slightly more upbeat, infinitely charming debut Sing the Greys) but if you're already converted, or morbidly curious, get ready to feel bad about yourself.


Frightened Rabbit - "Poke" (live)

And here's some news of the ohmygoshican'twait variety: Frightened Rabbit are coming to Portland, playing Holocene on Thursday, October 30. Only nine more days!

End Hits: Also very fond of Terrified Bunny, Fearful Hare, Petrified Cottontail, and Lily-Livered Coney.