Obama takes a 10 point lead over McCain amongst voters whose ballots will eventually be negated by a easily manipulated voting system and corrupt Republican Secretaries of State.

Wall Street tumbles for ya, they tumble for ya, they'll tumble for ya, they'll tumble for YOU! (Singing Culture Club is the only thing that improves my mood these days.)

Today's "wait... WHAT?!": John McCain is holding a conference call to turn down Al Qaeda's endorsement. Wait... WHAT?!?

Sarah Palin gets caught again with her hand in Alaska's cookie jar, charging the state over $21,000 to fly her children to events that they weren't even invited to. But hey! Babysitters are expensive these days!

What's more, Sarah Palin's makeup artist is costing more than John McCain's makeup artist. And who needs it more?

Over 30 letters with a suspicious powder inside was sent to a number of Chase bank branches. Customer backlash? Perhaps. But the executives snorted it anyway.

The Google G1 phone goes on sale today for $179 and a two-year contract with T-Mobile, which is an improvement over the iPhone which requires a two-year contract with AT&T and your left nut.

And finally, a brief video history of Sarah Palin's hair.