For those of you who missed the wild and wooly wonderfulness that is PIZZAZZ (Portland's funnest talent show), here's the next best thing: videos of all the acts! Just click on their name to take you to their YouTube page... and let the entertainment begin!
(Naturally, I'll embed my opening number with house band Pizzazzterpiece Theater, because it's fairly awe-inspiring, and the youth of today need all the inspiration they can get.)

Watch the rest of our glorious contestants after the jump!

The folk punk of Fenbi International Superstars

Gretchen Belladonna: Bellydancer extraordinaire!

The beatboxing brilliance of Marquand

Boy genius Tony Green, the Bus Thingamabob (Second prize winner!)

Accordian! Fart noises! Dr. Something!

The harmonic hilarity of Lee Hinton

Teenage heavy metal brain-melting with the School of Rock (Grand prize winners!)

The hooptastic hoops of Dustin Hubel (Third prize winner!)

The absolutely filthy NSFW guitar hijinx of "Dick Freedom"

Booty rappin' high school gang VAG

They're Romanian! They're unclassifiable! They're Mamaligele and The Glorious Pastramalamas

"I Kissed a Girl" with Wm. Steven Humphrey and Pizzazzterpiece Theater (Bonus act!)

The yodeling cowboy, Larry Wilder (Bonus act!)