Commissioner Randy Leonard took himself out of the running for Police Commissioner last night, citing the ongoing drama between himself and Police Chief Rosie Sizer. Now Mayor-elect Sam Adams has to figure out what to do. Who should head up the Police Bureau?

Here's my suggestion. Adams should watch the Parent Trap (1961 edition) and learn a thing or two from Hayley Mills. A photo essay:

Meet Sizer:


Here's Leonard:


The two have been fighting since camp began. Leonard messed with Sizer's cabin, and Sizer ripped Leonard's dress in retaliation. "Serves you right. Stay out of our tent from now on," Sizer says.

Oh no she didn't...


Camp Director Miss Inch Mayor-elect Sam Adams steps in:


"Congratulations. In the history of our camp, that was the most infamous, the most revolting, the most disgusting display of hooliganism we have ever had... I gather that you two girls don't get along together."

Check out Adams' route to a resolution, after the cut.


"Four weeks left at camp and you'll spend them all together. Room together. Eat together. Play together. Either you'll find a way to live with each other, or you'll punish yourselves far better than I ever could," Adams says. Except it's more like four years.

The put them in the police bureau together:


They won't like it:


But soon, they'll be sharing Fig Newtons:


And they'll come to realize that they're twins they share common goals when it comes to improving the police bureau. There will be hugging:


And the rank and file will get behind the new team:


This is a genius plan. The film clips below tell the whole story.