Guys, Portland Center Stage reeaaalllyy wants you to hang out with them on Halloween. And if you don't mind dressing up like a cast member from Cats, this is actually an incredibly sweet deal. (Or you could be all meta about it and pretend you're dressing up like a high school drama dork, if that helps.)

Dress up like your favorite Broadway character and get $10 tickets to the Halloween performance of Guys & Dolls or R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE. Then stay for the party and enjoy complimentary beer from Deschutes Brewery, as well as wine and a few treats, and a costume contest (judged by the Portland Center Stage costume shop) where you could win a pair of "Broadway at Home" season passes to PCS. It's the most fun you can have off stage this Halloween.
Enter the secret code SPOOKY to get your $10 Guys & Dolls.

Enter the secret code BOO to get your $10 Bucky.

All you have to do is drink $10 worth of beer, and the show is FREE! Or sit through a ten dollar show, and the beer is free! Either way.

Though my Guys and Dolls review elicited a particularly excellent reader comment (a trick to get you to click the link and actually read the review. Do it!), the show itself was underwhelming. But for $10? Even I might see it again. The one-man show R. Buckminster Fuller, about the loopy, idealistic inventor of the geodesic dome, is great, provided you have a modicum of patience for unabashed nerdiness. (I do. Check out the hoodie I'm getting for my birthday!)

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