Ana Marie Cox, founding editor of Wonkette, blogger for Time Magazine, political fiction scribe and overall fantastic reporter, was the Washington Editor for Radar Magazine until last Friday when everyone was laid off and the mag was shuttered. Cox has been covering the McCain campaign for two years, and Radar was paying for her to travel with the campaign. But without Radar and their money, Cox's future on the campaign plane was looking bleak. But she has turned out to be the little reporter that could, putting a call out to her readers to help her spend these last precious days with McCain and Palin. In less than a week, she's raised over $7,000 to keep her on the trail. The journalism industry is so rocky right now, so the fact that readers are indeed willing to pay for good reporting is really affirming.

She also just got an additional $2,000 from The Washington Independent to provide dispatches for them, so things are looking up. She is whip smart with a unique voice, and as sick as we all are of this campaign, her words from the front lines are worth checking out. Her personal blog and twitter account are also great, offering a behind the scenes look at traveling with the campaign. And of course, if you have some extra dollars, they are welcome and needed. Donate right here. LS