Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you countdown the days until Joe the Plumber's country album drops. Seriously. Let's all watch as the music industry, and this country, slowly destroys itself.

Fuel? Check. Fire? Check. That which I desire? Check. Oh hey, it's an article on Metallica and how their latest record, Death Magnetic (literally) sounds terrible. In other news, join me for my annual Halloween seance of Cliff Burton. Everything went to shit when he died, and I am determined to bring him back and make things right again.
Lars Ulrich Cry

Without a DJ, backup rappers, or his funk band, Boots Riley of the Coup fights the power with just an acoustic guitar. Woody would be proud.

The Coup - "Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last Night"

Featuring that one guy from Queens of the Stone Age and some guy with a bushy mustache, Eagles of Death Metal want to tell you all about their Heart On. Ewww, gross.

Eagles of Death Metal - "Wannabe In LA"

The soaring sounds of Delaware's (say hello to Joe Biden, and our credit card bills, for us) The Spinto Band.

The Spinto Band - "Oh Mandy"

Slow your roll, we're not done yet. This week's music columns feature Cary talking to former Robot Ate Me frontman Ryland Bouchard about his ambitious new box set, while I discuss the "Fair Pay for Play" campaign with the Musicians Union.

End Hits: The vice-principal said we had to turn our "Metal Up Yours Ass" shirt inside-out, or else we'd be suspended.