Call Me

It's a rainy Halloween day, and there's nothing more I'd like to do than hang out on the couch and watch disturbing, murderous, and otherwise dark films. Instead, I'm in the office. But thanks to the magic of IMDb, in association with Hulu, there are plenty of Halloween-y films right at the end of my mouse click.

So far I've watched the first ten minutes of Carnival of Souls, and Night of the Living Dead, and currently Lynch's creepy Lost Highway is chugging along in another window... The part where creepy Robert Blake's creepy Mystery Man has not-so-creepy Bill Pullman as Fred Madison call him up in Madison's own creepy house... (shudder)... so creeeeepy.

So, though I may not be home with a fifth of whiskey, a jumbo sized bag of candy corn, and a rented smorgasbord of spine-tinglers, at least I can be unproductive at the office with IMDb. Besides, I need something to distract me from Steve's disturbing Halloween costume. Don't ask.