With just four days to go before Tuesday's election, candidates and campaigns are hustling and bustling to get out their message and implore people to vote. If you've just now been bitten by the election bug, there are plenty of ways to get involved (or learn more) this weekend!

This afternoon, the Bus Project's ghouls and goblins are hitting the streets in costume, to Trick or Vote. They'll be knocking on doors in groups that launch at 3:30 and 5:30 to get out the vote, then partying all night to Blindpilot and DJ Beyonda. Volunteers get in to the show for free, so show up at Audiocinema (226 SE Madison) at 3:30 or 5:30--in costume!--to pitch in.

The folks at Defend Oregon--the group fighting the Sizemore and Mannix measures--will also be busy this weekend: "With so many confusing measures on the ballot, we need your help reaching key voters in this election. Join us in spreading the word about these vague, poorly written measures that will have negative impacts on all Oregonians. Volunteers like you are our most powerful messengers." Check here to sign up for phone banking or to canvass in East Portland.

And have I mentioned that Jeff Merkley's polling numbers look really good, when it comes to unseating Republican incumbent Senator Gordon Smith? I've got my fingers crossed tight on that race, but crossed fingers don't win elections: Votes do. Help Merkley on Saturday morning, where the canvass kicks off at 10 am at SEIU's headquarters, 3536 SE 26th. He'll be joined by Senator Ron Wyden and SEIU President Andy Stern. On Sunday at the same place at 11 am, Merkley and fellow Democratic candidates like US Rep Earl Blumenauer, Secretary of State candidate Kate Brown, and Attorney General candidate John Kroger kick off another canvass.

In Portland races, City Council candidate Amanda Fritz is hosting four meet-and-greets, for folks who'd like to learn more about her before voting (or, you could just take our word for it and choose her!). Or if you've already voted for her, feel free to discuss your priorities for her first term, should she win on Tuesday.

Her itinerary:

* Saturday 10 - 11 am, Bipartisan Cafe, 7901 SE Stark

* Saturday 1 - 2 pm, Baristadors Coffee, SW Pomona/Capitol

* Saturday 3 - 4 pm, Cafe Russe, NW 23rd/Marshall, with former candidate Chris Smith

* Sunday 3:30 - 4:30 pm, Twin Paradox, 8609 SE 17th

Charles Lewis, also running for the city council seat, has a jam packed schedule himself. And, he has pizza!

This Saturday, we'll be meeting at noon at campaign headquarters (8 NE Killingsworth St) to go door to door. If you can't make that, join us on Sunday at 3pm for a phonebank/pizza party! Bring your cell phone, a passion for progressive politics and your appetite. Invite your friends!

Capping off the weekend, the biggest event might be DNC Chair Howard Dean's rally at Barack Obama's SE Portland headquarters: He'll be joined by a slate of the Democrats' candidates, from Jeff Merkley to Ben Westlund and Kate Brow. That goes down at 4:30 on Sunday at the "Campaign for Change Headquarters" at 3016 SE Division (I suggest you bike or bus there; The last rally I attended there didn't include Dean, and parking was still impossible).