Our Next President?

So, Matt Davis just told me there's an election tomorrow. I had no idea. Something about some guy named Rocky Bama who thinks he has a chance to be the nation's next president? Sounds like an ex-prize fighter or something. But hey, if they can elect an ex-pro wrestler mayor, I'm sure this Bama guy might have a fighting chance.

I think he'll win, especially if he's running against this James McMillin character. I guess this guy wrote a book called Alamo Gold. Amazon has this description:

Demonized by his past and determined to recover the only remaining link to his dead father, Bill Harris heads north from late nineteenth-century Texas, tracking the killer, planning to shoot him on sight. Six bullets later, Bill has unknownly created chaos in Edward Peabody's quest to control America's budding economy. Catapulted into a deadly game, as both hunter and hunted, Bill is forced to evade Edward's national army of spies, corrupt lawman, and hired guns. Upping the ante, gold is found in the Klondike, compelling Edward to dispatch professional assassins to finish off the loose ends. Bill's life hangs in the balance as Edward fights to consolidate his control over America's economy. Economic conspiracy intermixed with historical events, violent struggles, and the mysteries of Alaska's untamed wilderness provide a timeless western adventure story.

Doesn't sound like much of a book. My bet is that Bama's gonna pull this one out. Guess I'll be voting for him tomorrow.

But in all seriousness. I'm really fucking nervous about this one. Anyone else?