From Kathryn:

I have also had tears several times today. I don't ever remember feeling like this on an election day--I can barely wait until this afternoon when the first results begin to come in--I should probably go buy some tissues!

I sat at the breakfast table with my youngest daughter this morning and we watched the Today show together. I looked over at her while she ate her chocolate muffin, licking chocolate from her fingers and I asked her, "Kennedy, today you're going to see history being made. Will you remember this day when you're older?" She shook her head yes and I told her, "If you forget, I'll remind you."

Later tonight, when it's over, I'm going to sit down and write a letter to my girls so that they can look at it when they're grown up. I want to capture this piece of history for them--someday they'll tell their own children about this day. Perhaps it will be on another election day, sitting over breakfast over chocolate muffins, and they will tell their own daughter, "I remember the day that Barack Obama was elected."

Send me yours.