From Kyle:

I filled out my ballot a month ago. As an Anarchist-cum-Libertarian, I don't really care much for voting--but they make it so easy here in Oregon, I figure what the hell. I voted for Bob Barr, the only person I've heard talk any sense about the economy. Unfortunately, he has no chance of winning. Despite all the talk of Change this year, the third parties still got shit on like a Reinhard column.
I contemplated doing something with myself today, but after checking my blogs and seeing all the otherwise intelligent people work themselves into a religious frenzy over Black Jesus, I've decided to hold up in my room with alcohol and Xbox and just wade the thing out.

The only thing I can really hope for at this point is a McCain win, followed by massive riots and rejection of government. Unfortunately, CNN tells me this will not be. Well, at least I still have The Onion.

What's yours?