He just said "gay" and the room went wild. Yes it's been a long time coming.... that's an understatement.

"I congratulate governor Palin." That's a kindness... so says the crowd. Wait a sec, was that Oprah? OMG! Oh, plus, the shots of couples making out during the Obama speech speak to the "Obama baby boom" to follow. Yay!!

"This is your victory," Thanks... yes... No, actually it was yours... but thank you for being so magnanimous.

The "we as a people will get there," fell short at this party, for some reason.

"Rebuild America, block by block and brick by brick..." Hell's yes! You better believe that shit. You gotta work! But with humility...

"We are not enemies but friends..." God love 'em... I want this man to...

Okay... now I'm crying...

"Yes we can..." Anne Nixon Cooper... There is not a dry eye in this room.


Holy shit!