Alison's hangover might be disappearing but Jesus Christ, every part of my body still hurts. My eyes are scratchy from days of scrolling through political blogs followed by a night of tears. My legs are stiff thanks to a massive midnight street dance party on SE Morrison. My head... ohhh whiskey and Obama. Mostly, I've been so tense for so long that letting off all that anxiety all of a sudden (OMG OHIO!!!) painfully reminds me how little I've slept in recent days and how I've mainly subsisted on food that can be eaten while checking internet polls with one hand (primarily peanut butter sandwiches and coffee). Everyone I've seen today has been similarly sallow-cheeked so I only imagine this is a national day of intense hangover - especially for all those campaigners who have been spending their every hour knocking on doors and stressing over turnout.

Last night was amazing but, seriously, maybe tomorrow I'll have recuperated enough to be excited.