Multnomah County's vote count is moving slowly, but it appears to be positive for the Defend Oregon Coalition folks, who are hoping to see Measure 64 defeated. This is the fourth time Bill Sizemore has proposed the measure to Oregon voters, which forbids public employees donating to unions direct from their paychecks. Last night the count across Oregon put the measure pretty much split, with 50.12% of people in favor.

But Multnomah County's votes, which are counting at a rate of around 5 to 7,000 ballots an hour, (we think, because the county had such a huge influx of voters on the last day), meaning they're not going to be done until late tomorrow, appear to be putting Measure 64 closer to failing as they get counted. The latest set of results puts Multnomah County voters 61% against the measure.

Scott Moore from Defend Oregon says the ballot title, which said "prohibits person or entity from using "public resources" for "political purposes"," was confusing and deceptive.

"The ballot title didn't give voters any sense of what the measure would do or what it's impacts are," says Moore.