Wondering where the best of the Mercury Flickr Pool posts have gone these past couple of weeks? Well, we've been getting ready to launch the official Mercury Photo Lottery!

What is the Mercury Photo Lottery?
It is the chance for you to have one of your photos printed in the Mercury! Each week, we'll pick a winning photo and print it in the Mercury, along with a link to the photo and credit to the flickr member who took it.

How do you submit your photo to the Photo Lottery?
You drop it in the Mercury Flickr Pool... it's that easy!

This week we are especially on the hunt for election day shots
! Maybe something like this that is already in the pool...

More Crowd Surfing
:: Submitted by The One True b!X

Add your Portland Photos here! Win, and see it in print!

Look for our first Mercury Photo Lottery winner in our November 13th issue of the Portland Mercury!