(That's Blogtown reader Suzannah's cat Neptune, posing with Chairman Mao. Feel free to send me your cat pictures if you want to see 'em up here.)

Here's your rather disturbing cat news of the day:

Man apparently killed for killing cat

And while we're on the subject (of cats, not killings): My roommate recently got a new cat, an adorable-but-horrible little thing we'll call "Nermal," even though her name is Luca. My cat Queequeg rightfully despises Nermal, and has been spending less and less time at home since the new cat arrived. I have suspected for a while that he might have another family, because sometimes when he comes home he smells different--like one of those synthetic air fresheners. Sounds crazy, right? I know it does, because when I tried to tell my friends this they either made cat lady jokes or quickly changed the subject.

BUT. Queequeg came home a few days ago with a bite wound on his neck for which he had clearly received medical treatment. Someone else is caring for my cat, and it's kind of weirding me out. I mean, it's nice that he's found a new safe space since he obviously doesn't feel comfortable at home, but what if they try to catnap him? What if he has a new sex bear?
What if the family who's caring for him has a little crippled boy who's bedridden from the consumption, and I try to reclaim Queequeg and the parents are all, "That cat is the only thing that makes little Billy smile anymore"? And little Billy is like, "Cough cough... Please, mum, I do so love this cat...."?

I should note that while Q has a microchip, he rarely tolerates a collar for more than a few days at a time (and right now he does have a wound on his neck so putting even a short-term collar on him is not an option). I'm not sure what if anything to do about this--if anyone has any suggestions (either about resolving the kitty territory issues at home, making sure my cat doesn't get catnapped, or shutting down little consumptive boys) I would love to hear them.