Economy's Still Fucked: Sales at major stores "collapsed" in October and unemployment is the worst its been in 14 years. Thanks for killing my post election high, New York Times.

But Obama is president!! He's already meddling with the economy.

And Billy Graham Isn't Getting Near Him! The whacko preacher is exiting the prayer business after counseling every president since Eisenhower.

Whore Junket: Remember when Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer was found spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes? Well he's not going to be charged with anything.

People are STILL using the phrase "Illegals." Columbia County passed a measure requiring local investigation of business that hire illegal immigrants - how exactly the county gov't will do that is unknown.

And Multnomah County is STILL counting ballots. Slowly. But right now it looks like all of Sizemore and Mannix's measures will fail.

Angry about Prop 8? Yell at the Mormons, who donated millions to the anti-gay marriage campaign.