(Since I have to play a fuckton of games on a daily basis and the Mercury has a limited amount of review space, a lot of games fall through the cracks. Consider this my (hopefully weekly) attempt at covering as many of these titles as possible. I'll mostly be choosing stuff that I've been enjoying recently, but if there is anything you want me to specifically review, let me know and I'll try to make it happen.)


Far Cry 2 -- $60 -- Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

If "open world" games are the new black, Far Cry 2 is Ian Curtis' metaphorical eyeliner multiplied by a thousand midnights. In case my math doesn't quite impress the point upon you, FC2 is the most accurate simulation of life in a fictional, war-torn stretch of African grassland ever created. It feels more alive than Grand Theft Auto, more immersive than World of Warcraft and -- thanks to the technological wizardry that allows FC2's virtual fire to spread as it would in the real world -- more strategically violent than Gears of War 2.

Verdict: Unless you hate action games, this is a definite buy.


Bejeweled Twist -- $20 -- PC

Normally I don't cover much in the way of PC gaming. Aside from World of Warcraft, the platform isn't doing so hot. That said, PopCap's games are always hyper-addictive. From Peggle to the just-released Bejeweled Twist, no developer does simple fun better. $20 is a bargain price for a game that you, your girlfriend and your parents will be playing for months.

Verdict: It's only $20, and Bejeweled Twist is a hell of a lot more entertaining than half a tank of gas. Buy.