Governor Schwarzenegger tells marriage equality supporters not to give up, marking an apparent turnaround for him on the issue as thousands of people in his state protest the passage of Prop 8. (Speaking of protests, there will reportedly be one in Portland--part of a national day of protest--on November 15. Check back here for more information.)

Obama and Bush meet today, for a tour of the White House--including Obama's first peek at the Oval Office--and a talk about things like the economy.

The Obama baby boom has already begun. And so have the preparations for Inauguration Day--including tens of thousands of peoples' travel plans.

DHL cuts 9,500 jobs. And Circuit City files for bankruptcy (but should stay open for holiday shopping, thank GOD).

In an hour, Governor Kulongoski is unveiling his transportation agenda. Will we see basics like road repairs, or lofty dreams like the Columbia River Crossing?