This Friday, local charity Outside In is putting on a red carpet premiere of Milk, Gus Van Sant's eagerly anticipated biopic about San Francisco activist and politician Harvey Milk. This film's got some seriously great buzz on it, and this event sounds like it'll be a blast--it'll be at the Schnitz, 100 percent of the proceeds benefit Outside In, and Van Sant will be hosting. Plus, I mean mean, c'mon--it's a fancy pants premiere. In Portland. How often does that shit come along?

Tickets for the screening range from $40-70, but here's the good part, impoverished Van Sant fans: Outside In has been kind enough to give three pairs of tickets to the Mercury for us to give away to our readers.

So. If you want to win one of those pairs of tickets, send me an email, and make sure the subject line is "Milk passes." Send your email no later than 4 pm tomorrow--and yes, that's the absolute cutoff, because at 4:01 pm, I'll pick three emails at random. I'll email the winners to inform them of their awesomeness no later than mid-afternoon on Wednesday; if you don't get an email from me by then, then you can go here to buy tickets.