Another day on Blogtown, another chance to win free stuff.

LucasArts was kind enough to send us a couple of their new Star Wars videogames: There's The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels for the Wii and The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance for the DS. Both of 'em come out in stores today. While I haven't played Jedi Alliance, I did get a chance to try out Lightsaber Duels at Comic-Con a few months ago, and it wasn't half bad.

In calmer times, I'd have quietly, selfishly hoarded these games for myself (especially since my feelings towards The Clone Wars TV show seem to be softening). But alas, the 80 kazillion games that've recently come out are sucking up all of my free time (thanks for nothing, Fable II and Gears of War 2). So you, lucky Blogtown reader, are now getting a chance to win one of these games.

Here's how: Send me an email. If you want the Wii game, make sure the subject line is "Star Wars Wii," and if you want the DS game, make sure the subject line is "Star Wars DS." (One email per person, please--unless you're Star Wars Kid, you really don't need to own both of these.) Send me an email by 4 pm today. Sometime after that, I'll randomly pick a winner for each game and email them so that they can immediately start flailing around a Wiimote in their living room kicking ass and taking names in a galaxy far, far away.