It was reported yesterday on popular food blog Portland Food and Drink that a sign on the door of veggie restaurant Nutshell suggests that they have closed.

Though a recent Mercury review was not positive about the new tack the restaurant had taken in last few months, the alleged closure still may not bode well for surrounding eateries on the North Williams stretch where Nutshell is located.

A call to the restaurant reveals no change in their reservation message and the website also remains unchanged. Stay tuned. I will confirm the closure sign later today.


Here's the sign on the door


The notes surrounding the sign are customer comment cards, which rave (favorably) about both the food and the service...

A sign, yes. But a bad sign of worse to come? From the comments below, it seems like Nutshell was bound for implosion anyway. It may be that in the past it would have limped along for awhile, but in this climate when things go bad, they seem to go bad for good.