The businesses on close-in E Burnside are taking control of their strip. Specifically they're re-christening the neighborhood, which has recently been the victim of the much-maligned nickname "LoBu". Yech. After some discussion, they've come up with an alternative: the Lower East End--it's New York-y without being a direct rip, and it's a nice eastside complement to the West End, another hoppin' area of local commerce. To make it all the more official, they are banding together for a two-day extravaganza of sale action, culminating in a group fashion show. The breakdown:

Next Friday, November 28 there will be a special black Friday sale. From 10 am-12 pm you'll get 30 percent off the entire stock at Lille Boutique (which sells more than just fabulous lingerie--I am developing an internet crush on this VPL Tri-Unity Belt:),


Frank James, and Rock 'n' Rose. Then, from noon to 9 pm, every item will shift in buy-one-get-one-half-off mode (equal or lesser value, etc)!! Plus, businesses up and down the strip will also be offering their own deals and specials, with the sale continuing through Saturday--all purchases on Friday or Saturday of $20 and up will get you entered in a drawing for GCs and merch prizes from LEE hood businesses Lille, Frank James, Rock 'n' Rose, Grendel's, Le Pigeon, Doug Fir, Burnside Proper, Wax On Spa (which is opening a new location on Williams, BTW), and Sword + Fern (I am wearing Sword + Fern earrings today, also BTW).

And then this Lower East End business will cap off on Saturday night with a fashion show collab between the street's store, ensuring a gorgeous mish mash of vintage, boutique, and homegrown ensembles. Sounds like a party to me.

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