Another week, another Mercury music section to read while I file papers against the authors of that book I was featured in. I thought being called a "douchebag" was a compliment.

The Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks of the USA fully endorse the music of Point Juncture, WA. That's the kind of endorsement most bands would kill for. Now if they could only get the Shriners on board, they'd get to tour in those adorable little cars.

Point Juncture, WA - "New Machine"

Good improvisation music? Yes, thanks to Stiffwiff, it really does exist.

Stiffwiff - "Smells Pretty In Hear"

The no muss, no fuss, rock of Brooklyn's Vivian Girls. Keep it simple, stupid.

Vivian Girls - "Such a Joke"

There is more to the secret world of The Rosebuds--it was a sled, it represented his childhood--than you might think.

The Rosebuds - "Bow to the Middle"

Cool your jets hotshot, we ain't finished yet. In this week's music columns, Cary chats with the master of the minimalists, Matthew Robert Cooper of Eluvium. He just released a collection of seven LPs. Yes, all at the same time. Seven! Meanwhile, I talk to Scott Garred of Super XX Man, who is only releasing one record this week, but it's still quite excellent. Jeez, Scott, would it kill you to make a half-dozen more? Slacker.

Eluvim - "Miniature 7"

Super XX Man - "Crazy People"

End Hits: Two time winner of the National Music Blog Participation Trophy. Yay!