So the donations for the Blogtown Food Drive have already started rolling in. Check out Mercury office manager Brad glaring down at the cans we've accumulated:


You don't have to spend a whole month's worth of food stamps to donate, any food is better than no food! The rate of low-brow "For More Value" macaroni and cheese donations versus organic-sustainable-cruelty-free-$2/box Annie's donations is 6:1. No shame in that.


Stop by our offices at 601 NE 21st (right behind Club 21 on Sandy!!) with your food donation next Monday-Wednesday 9AM-5:30PM to score yourself some sweet schwag to accompany your improved karma:

- Several cans of food wins you a Mercury or Milk t-shirt plus the chance to choose an album from Ezra's famous box of free music cds
- A whole box of food wins you all that plus a Laurelhurst Theater ticket
NEW BONUS: Bring in one box of food or more and Matt Davis will email you a haiku on the subject of your choosing.