Via Daily Kos:

SurveyUSA's headline of their latest California Prop 8 poll sounds pessimistic.

"No on Prop 8 - Protesters Have Not Changed Many Minds in California

But the numbers show otherwise.

Of the those adults who tell SurveyUSA they voted FOR Prop 8, 90% of them told us recent rallies held by "No on Prop 8 - Protesters have not changed their minds about the issue. 8% say protesters have changed their minds.

Turning eight percent of marriage equality opponents around in a few short weeks is remarkable, and likely stems people realizing what exactly they had voted for.

Remember, the proposition lost by only three points. If eight percent of the 52.1 percent who voted for it have changed their minds, that's a 4.2 percent swing in favor of equality. Or, put another way, you're looking at a 52-48 vote in favor of gay marriage.

I would say that thus far, the backlash against Proposition 8 has been wildly successful.