Remember the bikini turkey that starred in the Mercury's last food issue?


How could you forget, right? The thing is an internet celebrity and has clearly become popular among Portland art directors. From the November issue of Exotic:


The thing's ubiquitous, and nobody seems to know where it originally came from. But, I just found out that you can actually do this to your Thanksgiving turkey, and I think if you're going to try it out, you better do it this year, because by 2009 it will be painfully passe. And it's actually so easy to do that the directions hardly constitute a "recipe": Just cover your turkey's bits in tin foil (the possibilities stretch endlessly beyond the bikini trick, but I think we're all pretty fond), and roast like normal. Send me pictures if you do this, along with the reactions of your family and friends, and if they're sufficiently amusing (bonus points if you actually use laminated Mercury covers as place mats) I'll post them here in honor of turkey day.