And this looks a lot like Adama getting ready to be flushed out an air-lock. Hmmmm...

Due to the fact that I live somewhere in the Pleistocene era and have no cable television, I'm about one half season behind. But that doesn't keep me from being totally excited about the newest Battlestar trailer released by Sci-Fi yesterday. It certainly is a teaser... And includes what looks like a ruined earth, some blood, some explosions, and a blindfolded Adama standing in what may be an air-lock.

The pisser of the whole thing is that I'll have to watch season 4 in ten days (it's released on DVD January 6th) and get cable by January 16th, when Season 4.5 premiers. Otherwise, I'll spend most of the winter walking around the office with ear-plugs so that my fraking co-workers don't ruin the whole thing for me.

And without further ado:

The original, and higher res trailer can be found at the Sci-Fi website.