Reason #4,987,031 to love Obama? His new "economic recovery advisory board". "Help is on the way!"

The Feds suspect that al-Qaeda plans to target the New York City train system; New Yorkers plan to kick al-Qaeda's ass.

Says Joe Lieberman: "Everything that President-elect Obama has done since election night has been just about perfect...." SHUT UP, YOU STINK-HOLE LICKING TRAITOR.

Together again for the very first time... Sarah Palin will meet with Obama next week at the annual governor's meeting. Awwwwwkward!

With only two days left in their trip, space station astronauts busily collect recycled urine samples. Wait... what are those guys doing up there?!

First Ann Coulter gets her jaw wired shut, and now Rachael Ray is undergoing voice surgery? We have so much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!