Last week I brought you the first two trailers for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

This clip is the third and final.

Why final? After more than a year of teasing us with the gaming press equivalent of a terrible handjob (read: pretty screenshots) the game is finally available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network Store.

Assuming that news didn't send you scrambling over couches, ottomans and bewildered golden retrievers in a mad dash to power on your console of choice and send your virtual cash to Capcom, hit the link and I'll tell you all about my first few hours with the game.

First, backstory: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (henceforth referred to as HD Remix) is a semi-remake of 1994's Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Aside from completely redrawn character and background art, the game also includes a remixed soundtrack, a newly rebalanced "Remix" gameplay mode and a full suite of online options. Otherwise it's the same game Capcom released 14 years back.

Think of it as a 40-year-old soccer mom who was wicked hot in high school, so in an effort to bring sexy back, she gets a boob job and a group of dedicated internet fans write an all new soundtrack for her life.

So, early this morning I get an email from Capcom saying the game is finally live. A few button presses later and my Xbox 360 is downloading the game while I wait patiently. I passed the time by watching an episode of Captain N: The Game Master from my Netflix Instant Queue via the Xbox 360's Netflix option. That show is monumentally stupid, but it's exactly the kind of stupid I loved as a child.

Before I was too deeply drawn into the depressing media of my youth the console finished its acquisition and I clicked over, ready to beat the hell out of some international stereotypes.

For a warm up I opted to try a few online matches. The first two matches went swimmingly. In 6 rounds I scored 4 perfects, and the rest weren't even close. I don't know if the competition on Xbox Live is monumentally terrible or I'm just amazing, but things were almost too easy.

Thinking I'd earn a few Achievement points breezing through the Arcade mode, I quit the online competition and began my worldwide journey. That's where things hit a snag. Capcom was kind enough to include a difficulty selector, but even under "Normal" I found myself having my ass handed to me by the computer as early as the second fight.

I certainly don't remember the computer being so damn difficult, but presumably I'm still a bit rusty.

That aside, the game looks fucking amazing. The graphics and audio are both stunning and were well worth the wait. Capcom's "boob job" worked wonders and I only hope they put the same sort of effort into as many of their classic games as possible.

And yes, Ive already emailed Capcom urging them to do so. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Quiz & Dragons HD Remix.

I don't wanna consider this a review -- that will come in tomorrow's mini-review piece -- but, naw, fuck it; HD Remix is awesome. Buy it. $15 for the best 2-D fighter in a decade. You shouldn't even question it.