Couple things.

1. The America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book was totally right on when it informed me that pouring warm pumpkin pie filling into a warm crust would make for a creamier pie, and subbing vodka for some of the water in the crust does in fact make it flakier. Who knew. ATK's Jack Bishop will be at the Cedar Hills Powell's next Wednesday, 7 pm.

2. Tonight at the Miracle Theater, sketch comedy troupe the 3rd Floor opens their new holiday show, Weird Sandwich. I guarantee you it's going to sell out, so get there early or call 281-0350 for reservations. The 3rd Floor is funny; laughter is slimming.

3. Tomorow at Holocene , Cartune Xprez's DVD release party. Animations from Bruce Bickford, Takeshi Murata, Paper Rad, and more, plus music from Hooliganship, Mega*Church, and Explode into Colors. 9 pm, $6

4. Rather identifying with this cat today: