Thanks to your generous donations to the Mercury Blogtown Flash Food Drive, I was able to stuff my car with 365 pounds of food on Wednesday evening and drive it to the Oregon Food Bank headquarters.

I was so excited to discover that Blogtownies are generous-hearted and giving. I mean, I thought that was was the case, but you all proved it to me over the last five days! I'm sure that if I had extended the deadline, I would have needed to rent that van.

But the generosity isn't over! Consider the five day Food Drive a practice exercise for the Mercury On-Line Charity Auction! We'll be auctioning off some amazing gift packages from friends and advertisers, which include goods and service that you not only want, but need. My favorite package includes a whole bunch of hooch, a keg, some glassware, and a mixology class from Mercury friend and celebrity bartender, Lance Mayhew!

Be still my beating heart!