This morning, President-elect Obama is slated to announce a bunch of stuff you probably already knew--his picks for Attorney General, the head of Homeland Security, and Secretary of State.

The Franken-Coleman recount continues in MN, with Coleman currently 215 votes ahead of Franken.

Speaking of Senate races, the Georgia runoff is tomorrow. And Sarah Palin is in the state to rally for the Republican! Has she learned nothing? Doesn't she want him to win?

Secretary of State Rice heads to India after the deadly Mumbai attacks.

A suburban Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death as the store opened on Black Friday. Cops are on the case.

Portland officials are tossing buckets of money at a wind power company, hoping to lure its headquarters to town. It's "the largest ever offered for a corporate recruitment in Portland," according to Mayor-elect Sam Adams.

We may have rejected Kevin Mannix' Measure 61, but we still approved Measure 57--which is great timing, according to the Oregonian. The first prisoners convicted under the measure "will start showing up in the prison system just as state tax revenues are declining and agencies, including the Corrections Department, struggle to comply with an order to slash spending."