Apparently there was some kind of bogus rumor about a "YouTube Virus" running around the inter-tubes today, inspiring our tech crew to issue a stern warning not to embed any YouTubes on our site until further notice. Happily, the ban has now been lifted, and I can finally show you the most awesome weapon of this or any other century... the Chainsaw Bayonet Assault Rifle!

Sure, you can make one on your own... but can someone please help me replicate that woman's laugh?

UPDATE! I just received this ichat from film/games editor Erik Henriksen: "hey steve. just as a heads up, that assault rifle/chainsaw you posted was a recreation of the gun from the videogame we reviewed in geek out this week, gears of war 2. not sure if you want to make mention of that or not." NO, I MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT.