The first thing I thought of when I saw this announcement? How hard I cried, both times I saw the film, during the scene in Milk when tens of thousands of people are solemnly plodding down Market Street in San Francisco, candles in hand, mourning Harvey Milk.

Only this time, we're mourning the loss of civil rights. Via Lindsey Asher, the energetic gal behind Portland's Prop 8 protest a few weeks ago:

It's a nation-wide demonstration that will take place December 20th starting at 5p.m. at Pioneer Square. It's called Light up the Night and is a silent candle lit vigil in remembrance of the rights that once were for 18,000 marriages, and in honor of the rights that one day will be again!

More info here, including a call to create a t-shirt with the slogan "Second Class Citizen."