Whoopee-doo and hallelujah! The Mercury Online Charity Auction is live, and ready for some bids! As you undoubtedly know, every year some of our fave advertisers and friends donate some of their most awesome goods and services to our auction, and all the money goes to a local, and often overlooked charity. This year we chose Portland Women's Crisis Line, which, in a nutshell, offers support to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. And with the economy crunching, and governmental help getting slashed, they need our help more than ever!

But now you can be generous and have fun with our Mercury Online Charity Auction, which features over 50 jam-packed packages of absolute awesomeness. You can win free advice from Dan Savage, a chit-chat and drinks with Storm Large, a trip to Seattle, SXSW passes and music out the wazoo, an amazing package of comics and swag from Dark Horse, and so much more!
But here's my absolute fave auction item...



Everybody in Portland knows Cindy! (If not, you'll see her picture in the back pages of the Mercury every week.) Now you can be the envy of practically everyone with this limited-edition "Cindy the Erotic Pleaser" pillow. This ready-to-cuddle-with pillow is embossed with the lovely reclining image of Cindy as taken by professional photographer Scott Jackson. BUT HERE'S THE THING: There are only 10 of these puppies in existence, and we're auctioning off each of them individually. Once they're gone? THEY'RE GONE FOREVER. Don't miss the collectible (or perfect gift) of a lifetime!

Remember, you only have until FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12 at 5 PM to make your bids! So bid early and check back often. Remember: 'TIS THE SEASON TO BE GENEROUS! So please bid big, have fun, and excuse me while I take a little nappy. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....