A few months ago, I rode through an intersection near the Franz Bread Factory and noticed a man off to the side, staring at me and scribbling something in a notebook. I stopped and asked him, "What are you doing?" "Watching you," he replied, revealing his Portland Department of Transportation credentials. For months, PDOT staff, volunteers and various robots have meticulously watched bikers at key intersections and recorded their every ride across the Hawthorne, Broadway, Burnside and Steel bridges.

The result of this massive undertaking? This little graph apparently composed using Microsoft Paint!

I think its charming. It's quaint. It reminds me of when the internet first came out and every website was all sparkles and animated unicorns.

Of course, there's also a big report about the study's findings (bike use in Portland is up 28 percent this year! Thirty two percent of bikers are women!) that Amy analyzed a while ago, but since it lacks an easter egg color scheme it is bland and uninteresting.

In other bike news, in San Francisco they are trying to make adult tricycles cool. This despite the fact that adult tricycles manage to make even hottie SF mayor Gavin Newsom look like a complete tool:


This plan will fail because no one will be able to bring themselves to say, out loud, that they indeed ride an ADULT TRICYCLE.