Today is apparently the national Day Without a Gay, a pro-gay protest organized mostly via Facebook (where it's called "Day Without a GAY!!") in response to Prop 8. GLTBQIAWTFOMG people are encouraged to "call in gay" - boycotting work and instead spending the day volunteering in their community. The Facebook page estimates that "close to a million people will mysteriously catch the 'lavender flu' on Wednesday" but around Portland I haven't seen any evidence of the boycott besides free coffee at Black Sheep Bakery.


Which, of course, some anonymous Mercury homos cashed in on with super gay gusto.


Across the country, some people are participating, but overall, it looks like the event is not having the same impact as the event it's modeled on - the massive, exciting Day Without Immigrants marches of 2006. Is any Facebook-organized protest bound to be small? Or are people just not fiery enough to skip work after the big anti-prop 8 marches a few weeks ago?