For the sixth consecutive year, PICA is herding together some of the best and brightest Portland creatives under one roof for the Prints for PICA fundraiser, a win-win where Portland's most important arts non-profit makes a buck and you have the opportunity to snag one-of-a-kind art from your favorite artists. There are approximately one bajillion artists participating this year, but a few I would look out for are Adam Arnold, who is most well known as a fashion designer, but who is unstoppably creative and a man of many talents; Michael Gaughan, aka Ice Rod, again known more for post-ironic dance parties and dirty lyrics than visual art, all the more intrigue as to what he will produce; plus a couple other favorites who look more familiar in a gallery context: Nan Curtis, E*Rock, Jenene Nagy, Jesse Hayward, Vanessa Renwick, and the queen bee of PICA herself, Kristan Kennedy, plus so many, many more, all hopped up on caffeine and making marathon art! It takes place this Saturday the 13th at TodayArt Studios (439 SE Grand at Stark) from 6-9 pm, and the prints will range from $100-250 each.

A piece by Midori Hirose, one of the many other participating artists