I adore Mercury film editor Erik Henriksen. It's not just because he's smart, and attractive, and knows all the cheat codes for just about every Mario Bros. game ever made; it's also because he clues me in to stuff like the annual holiday dick shaped cookie ( or, dickerdoodle) contest, sponsored by Penny Arcade. Everyone else in the office seems to think Erik is a prude! I just think he's dreamy.

I have got to say, this is one of the lewdest cooking contests I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy via a video game web comic website. These things are just obscene, and the usage of icing is priceless. There's really nothing I like better than turning an innocent childhood food into a base and shameless sexual object.

The only problem with the contest is that you really don't know what these dickerdoodles would actually taste like. Some of them look obviously unappealing, but there are others I'd happily shove down my own throat.

Oh, and if you want to know more about Penny Arcade, Erik wrote a great article about them for The Stranger. Anyway, enjoy my favorite NSFW dickerdoodles after the jump.




So that's where they come from!


Oh! I totally get this reference!


Around the world.. around the woorld!


This is not dirty in the least.