I wish Blogtown had a "white powder" tag. Via the Governor's office:

Suspicious Envelope Received in Governor's Office, Turned Over to the FBI

(Salem) — At approximately 3:45pm today, a governor's office employee located in Room 160 of the Capitol building received an envelope with a return address of Texas, similar to the address listed on envelopes received by other public offices that have contained white powder.

The Governor was not on site.

The employee did not open the envelope and it is not known if the envelope contains white powder. The employee followed procedure and immediately contacted the Oregon State Police.

In response, the area, eight Governor's office employees and three other state employees present in Room 160 were immediately quarantined. The quarantine lasted for about one hour.

Oregon State Police, National Guard, Salem Fire Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation worked together in response to the incident.

There is no confirmed connection to similar mailings received at some other Governor’s offices around the country. The FBI is the lead investigating agency.